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How often should you email your list


Another Monday Morning Website Tip by Marcus Rangel

Like any business, you have a list of customers and prospects, the biggest question about that email list is how often should you email them without being annoying? Or better worse, someone hitting the unsubscribe button and you feeling like they just said in Travis Kelce fashion, “know your role and shut your mouth!”

I recently could tell that a national bank that we have a savings account with got a new email marketing plan because I am getting emails non-stop lately from them. To make it worse, they are pitching me on getting student loans with them (almost every other day) – which also means they don’t have their audience fine tuned either if you know me and the last year I attended college LOL… yes they have become an email jabroney and I unsubscribed.

Here’s 3 things to think about to help you know how often you should email your list, without being an email “jabroney.”


Determine who you want to be seen as: a guide, a distant friend, or annoying salesman.

Email your list weekly or bi-weekly if: You want to be seen as a guide (or authority) in the space that you work in. The goal here to email value and not sell weekly. If you pitch (or sell) something weekly you approach “jabroney” status. If you give value, you show weekly wisdom. This is always my top recommendation to any business owner when we talk through their email marketing plan. This is hard to commit to if you don’t have help and dedicate yourself to doing it weekly, in which case I would recommend emailing at least bi-weekly and sticking to it.

Email your list monthly if: You want to be seen as somewhat of a “distant friend.” Still someone you want to hear from but you aren’t expecting to hear from. Monthly is better than nothing and it’s almost like a surprise, but you tend to be forgotten unless you bring it on your monthly email.

Email daily if: You want to be seen as the ultimate email HERO (the top .1% of email marketers can do this) or worse, an email jabroney.

P.S. Here’s to another 2023-2024 superbowl season for the Chiefs! Why did we ever take soooo long to draft a good QB. Maybe Mahomes was worth the wait after all!


About Marcus Rangel

I've been working with small businesses owners to craft not only beautiful custom websites, but clear, clever and concise messages to reach their prospects since 2005.

I officially hung up my "corporate cleats" to be an entrepreneur and small business owner in the summer of 2020. IMC, which started as a side hustle early in the mornings before the sun was even up in 2017, is what led me down this path as a business owner myself. I focus on helping other business owners continually stay in front of people & prospects with digital marketing, create websites that get leads with great engagement, and produce video content that are meant for the digital era we're in.

When I'm not creating, you can find me hanging out with my incredible family on our front lawn or on my OneWheel around the big city of Owasso, OK.

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