Email Marketing

Looking to stay in front of prospects but don’t have the time to come up with content or a marketing calendar?

Most small business owners think they have to do this themself or hire a full time person to do this for them, but with IMC we partner with you so you can stay focused on your craft while we help you stay top of mind with your prospects.

We do this by constantly keeping you in front of your prospects with custom content.


The Authority Drip

It's the social, email, and website drip you've needed to build your authority in your industry.... and the key to staying in front of people all in one.

Most business owners know they should be dripping on their lists or social media platforms, and they probably keep hearing how a blog or frequently updated content on their site can bring people back to it. The problem is, they don’t have the time or the team to do it, and do it well.

If you’re not using your email list or your social media as well as you should I’ve got news for you, you’re not alone.

The problem is you have ideas, but how do you create content that is personalized and doesn’t sound like everyone else so when people see it, they start to gain trust and see you as the Authority of your niche and not just see a templated piece that sounds nothing like you?

We listen and take your ideas to put them into a drip for you.

The great thing is, you sound like the expert, you stay in front of prospects, and trust begins to be built over time. Selling something online is a completely different sales process than doing one in person or at a live event and can sometimes take up to 50 different “touches” for someone to gain the trust in you to become a client. So how do you gain trust online? By consistently putting out good content that shows you as the Guide.

Working with the wrong digital marketing agency can be very costly...

I understand finding the right partner to help you build a digital marketing strategy that you can trust can be difficult and can be very costly in both spending your time and money. Good quality strategies take time, but they shouldn't take forever.

We talk your language

When you work with IMC, you get someone that has over 15+ years of digital marketing experience. But that doesn't mean we speak in code when working with our clients. Check out what some of our clients say about working with us.


happy clients

“Marcus has become our go to resource for all of our web, video, and e-commerce needs quickly! There is no one we work with who can get us to market with ideas quicker than IMC can. I spend very little of my time worrying about our video needs and website development, when it used to be our biggest issue as a company.”

Seth Wagoner - AIM Strategies CEO