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How to find a good WordPress Maintenance and Hosting Service

Marcus Rangel

Another Monday Morning Website Tip by Marcus Rangel

There are several key questions to ask any company that offers wordpress maintenance and hosting services before you move forward.

The key to any business relationship is trust, and putting your website in the hands of any company because they are cheaper than someone else could cost you in the long run.

Here’s the top ways to find a good wordpress maintenance and hosting service

  • Find out what’s included with your wordpress web maintenance package. Does it include website updates to your website? How many updates does it include? Are there specific plugins that it will include with your website?
  • Ask how long it typically takes to make an update to a website they maintain. Most often than not, clients we work with have small updates to their websites that shouldn’t take weeks to get back, we even tell our clients we will have them within 1-2 business days if not faster.
  • Check out their Google Reviews. See what other clients have said about working with them before you move forward.
  • What type of backup is in place for the hosting service? We live in a cloud world, and your website should have a fail safe backup in case your website were to get hacked or a wordpress plugin doesn’t update correctly.

The bottom line to finding a good wordpress maintenance company is ultimately finding a good business partner that you can trust with your business website.

There isn’t anything more frustrating than not having a partner for your website that can make updates to your site and you are sitting on the phone with a web hosting company trying to figure out why your site isn’t loading. Finding someone you can trust who can solve these problems will put your mind at ease.

If you are interested in how IMC could be your new partner for your WordPress Web Maintenance and Hosting Services, shoot me an email at

Marcus Rangel

About Marcus Rangel

I've been working with small businesses owners to craft not only beautiful custom websites, but clear, clever and concise messages to reach their prospects since 2005.

I officially hung up my "corporate cleats" to be an entrepreneur and small business owner in the summer of 2020. IMC, which started as a side hustle early in the mornings before the sun was even up in 2017, is what led me down this path as a business owner myself. I focus on helping other business owners continually stay in front of people & prospects with digital marketing, create websites that get leads with great engagement, and produce video content that are meant for the digital era we're in.

When I'm not creating, you can find me hanging out with my incredible family on our front lawn or on my OneWheel around the big city of Owasso, OK.

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